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The phrase is a play on the earlier and better known exclamation, "heavens to Betsy." It is unknown, however, who either Betsy or Murgatroyd actually were or if they ever existed. That said, the name Murgatroyd (also spelt as Murgatroid and Mergatroid) is a real English surname dating back towhen a Yorkshire constable took the name.

Snagglepuss is a Hanna-Barbera cartoon character debuted in prototype form in and established as a studio regular by A pink anthropomorphic cougar sporting an upturned collar, shirt cuffs, and string tie, Snagglepuss enjoys the fine things in life and shows particular affinity for the stories routinely break the fourth wall as the character addresses the audience in self Created by: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera.

Heavens to Murgatroid [Garver, Ronald] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Heavens to Murgatroid. Heavens to Murgatroid is a story with a lot of heart. The readers will love the Garver characters down to earth life styles, their everyday trials and rules of conduct.

The author lived each episode, like waking up under his bed each day to new revelations. The book has an unique storyline and can hold a readers interest to the very : Xlibris US.

Murgatroyd is an English etymology, according to one source, is as follows: ina constable was appointed for the district of Warley in adopted the name of Johanus de Morgateroyde, or literally: Johanus of Moor Gate Royde or the district leading to the moor.

Another source says the place name means Margaret's road. In Norse, the Royd meant "Clearing" (as in a. The comic book version of Snagglepuss is no longer ambiguously gay, at least not in his personal life. While professionally “Mr.

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Puss” is a successful and celebrated straight playwright. 'Heavens to Heavens to Murgatroid book is American in origin and dates from the mid 20th century. The expression was popularized by the cartoon character Snagglepuss - a regular on the Yogi Bear Show in the s, and is a variant of the earlier 'heavens to Betsy'.

The first use of the phrase wasn't by Snagglepuss but comes from the film Meet the People. Check out Heavens to Murgatroid by Low in the Sky on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on   Heavens to Betsy & Murgatroid, heavens above, thank heavens, for heavens's sake.

Don't all of those, though, have the "heaven-with-harps-and-haloes" meaning. Like David, "the heavens opened" is the only current one which springs to my mind with the Heavens to Murgatroid book meaning.

Cheers, Harvey Ottawa/Toronto/Edmonton for 30 years. What's the meaning of the phrase 'Heavens to Betsy'.

A mild exclamation of surprise. What's the origin of the phrase 'Heavens to Betsy'. This American phrase has been in circulation since, primarily restricted to America, the latter part of the 19th century, although its use faded throughout the 20th century and it is now something of an anachronism.

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Heavens to.

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Heavens to murgatroid. A heart for snagglepuss even. every Saturday. impulse body spray Cartoon by Zuleta, Colombia =) The Banana Splits Show Official Club Membership Book 1 banana, 2 banana, 3 banana 4 BANANAS playing in the bright warm sun.

New Funny Cartoons Characters Saturday Morning Ideas. The phrase "Heavens to Murgatroyd' was a favorite saying of 'Snagglepuss,' the sometimes pink, sometimes purple cartoon lion featured on the Yogi Bear Show in the s. Another one of his catch phrases was 'Exit, Stage Left!' "Snagglepuss's voice, performed by Daws Butler, was based on actor Bert Lahr, who played the cowardly lion in The.

The character proved to have such appeal that he was given his own segment on The Yogi Bear Show when it premiered in Snagglepuss's favorite sayings were 'Exit stage left' and 'Heavens to Murgatroid.' "heavens to Murgatroyd" means the same thing as "heavens to Betsy"-that is, very little.

Q From Mark Lord: I am looking for the origin and meaning of the phrase Heavens to Betsy. A The meaning is simple enough: it’s a mild American exclamation of shock or surprise. It’s dated, only rarely encountered in print and then most often as an evocation of times past. Heavens to Betsy is associated in my mind with mature females of the Prohibition era or earlier (though this is.

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Sunday. Liars Bench Beer Company’s. Heavens to Murgatroid It is not everyday that a book comes along that really conveys the humor, laughter, and misnomers rolled into a Mom’s neck. One such book is Ronald Garver’s Heavens To Murgatroid, a funny read about a Mom bent on straightening Pages: Now is Now, Tamworth, New Hampshire.

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In the bible in the book of Genesis a, and creation story clearly says that it was God who created both the Heavens and the earth. And Jesus played no part in it. Asked in The Bible. Snagglepuss is a character created by Hanna-Barbera in He's best known for his famous catchphrase, "Heavens to Murgatroyd!", along with phrases such as "Exit, stage left!" (or stage right, and sometimes even up or down), a phrase used in theatrical stage directions.

Finally, Snagglepuss tends to add the word "even" to the end of his statements. Snagglepuss lives in a cavern, which he. The character's best-remembered catch-phrase ("Heavens to Murgatroyd") was also from Lahr, who used it in Meet the People (), where he played a supporting role under stars Dick Powell and Lucille Ball.

His other catch-phrase ("Exit, stage left") was from a common stage direction, not so specific a source. “Good Heavens to Murgatroid. as Landon would say!. If I had known how great this book was going to be, I would have ordered more than just two copies — one for me and one for MHF. It’s like having all the notes and charts you’ve scattered all about the house neatly encapsulated in a small kitchen DRAWER.

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